Collaboration with the P&C Srl

Eco-sustainable leather was born from the collaboration between the two main Campania universities and the P&C Srl industry. The challenge is to relaunch the economy while respecting the environment.

To achieve this goal, the Department of Industrial Engineering of the University of Salerno and the Department of Chemical Engineering of Materials and Industrial Production of the University of Naples “Federico II” have joined up with the P&C Srl industry to give life to a new innovative process of leather production through the recycling of waste from the agricultural supply chain.

This research activity for the University of Salerno involves the director of the Department of Industrial Engineering Prof. Eng. Roberto Pantani and the Full Professor of Principles of Chemical Engineering Prof. Eng. Gaetano Lamberti, coordinator of the TPP Group and president of the academic spin-off Eng4Life.

An ambitious and necessary research for the replacement of animal skins through the use of waste of vegetable origin, thus obtaining fabrics that resemble those of animal origin, while safeguarding the species and solving the ecological problems related to unreused vegetable waste.